Thanksgiving plate jpeg

A Social Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving plate jpeg

You have the day off, you are probably gorging right now, and so are most of your customers and contacts in social media. When you come up for air do something simple, something timely, and something that you can not argue with.

Thank Your Customers and Connections

It won’t take long but it will have a meaningful impact on the humanity, connection to the community, and identification with which you or your business are perceived.

That is why I am writing this right now, I wanted to take this moment to thank all of you for a year of correspondence, a year of educating me, and a year of supporting the various things I get myself into. You are the reason why I am motivated to get better and to put my best foot forward at all times. That may not always be the case but in general I really do try.

So thank you for an amazing year, and I look forward to connecting and intertwining our relationships further in the future.

No go back and grab yourself a second helping.