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  • Girls Driving to Check Out Wedding Locations (Day 75)

    Video Day 75 – So we are looking for our ceremony location… and the girls decided to go look Sunday Morning. They let Diane drive and apparently it didn’t go so smooth. At least form the video footage Meg brought back. Also a research trip for winds in Somerville. Find me at Music by…

  • Real iPhone Owners Dish Siri (Day 74)

    An impromptu series of reviews from a room full of iPhone owners about the much hyped iPhone feature Siri. It doesn’t work but iPhone owners usually can’t admit it. That is why this video is special. Made for @gematos33 Closing Music by @vdotsdot

  • Tip- Buy Your Girl Flowers (Day 73)

    Spirocks Video Series: Do you know how easy it is to stop today and grab a bunch of flowers for your girl, and how happy that would make her? Yeah its not her bday, or your anniversary, but thats the point. Do it. Also I spend some time learning Megan’s Dog Whistling technique and chill…

  • NFL Conference Champ Game Party (Day 72)

    We get them all together for the games, Megan, Lauryn, Adrienne, Adrienne (yes 2), Matt, Edwin, Amanda, and Me… stress and victories made for a fun time. Testing out the new d7000 and HD Hero cameras so bear with us as we go through a learning process. Thanks

  • Plow is On and Camera Talk (Day 71)

    Day 71 – The snow has arrived in Boston after a long wait, the plow is on the truck and I am not exactly thrilled with the development, but that is life in New England. I have a chance to use my friend Dan’s Canon 5D Mark II and here some hardcore camera talk. Let’s…

  • Passed Out Pups (Day 70)

    Video Day 70 – So the day starts and ends with the puppies, slightly more energetic in the AM!!! Anyway we visited with my niece and her friend playing wii and chatted with my sister about a new wedding venue plan… I know it is kind of ridiculous…. but so much better! Anyway news of…

  • How does a *$* get that stretchy? Day 69

    Video Day 69 – Drive to upstate NH in the early morning Sunday, freezing cold 1 degree outside, listening to girl music :(, they eat each other in the winter, it didn’t look like she was wearing bottoms, she was not pregnant, two girls in the same uggs, slipping on the ice, kid goggles, women…

  • Crying Packer Fan

    Crying Packer Fan blames loss on her nail polish and jersey she wore to watch the game. She crys and blames green bay’s loss to the giants on her friend. Crying Green Bay Packer Fan