Digital Marketing Assistant and/or Intern Needed

Spirocks Marketing

What We Are:

We are a Digital Marketing Agency focused on local/regional clients from Chicago to the East Coast. We specialize in helping them reach their customers and gain market share using online marketing techniques including content marketing, SEO architecture design and implementation, social media, list building, and hybrid on/offline campaigns.

Our rhetorical foundations are laid in classical theory, delivered through modern tools. From Aristotle to Kenneth Burke the tenets of ethical human persuasion are used to formulate our messages. We simply use modern digital tools to create and deliver them to companies who need them. We combine intellectual creativity and a get it done small business sense to deliver the results our clients seek.

We are in business to get the best local and regional companies exposure to the customers that seek their products. We can never forget: Our success is judged by whether we can help them grow their bottom line.

We make honest, human, unique messages that convey the expert stature, ethical nature, and magnetic personality of the people and companies we represent.

If this is the type of experience you would like to add to your resume, and you believe you have something to offer our clients, consider the following position: 

Intern Level

Remote Work, (can be completed in less than an hour a day)
Skills Needed:

  • Google Docs Proficiency
  • Ability to think creatively when given a less than fully spelled out task
  • Able to perform various quick online tasks within a 24hr period from receiving them.
  • Browser functionality (screenshots, web clipping, services like
  • WordPress Blog post creation. (can be taught)

Task Types:

  • Writing from Scratch-> Weekly Blog Post per client: Based on a specific city’s cultural events, tied into the client’s business activities etc. Deliver via email.
  • Writing from Template-> Ability to take information provided by Spiro and create blog posts that conform to the styles already established for the specific type of post in question. Deliver via email.
  • Data interpretation via template-> Using Data provided by Spiro organize and create charts that conform to the styles established for the client. Deliver screenshots via email.

Assistant Level

5 Days Remote Connectivity – In addition to above description:

  • SEO editing on blog posts submitted to you, following a basic framework created by Spiro for each client’s needs. Spiro will provide direct feedback, and tips on improving your editing until you are proficient.
  • Scheduling and publishing social media posts with our proprietary software, spoke social, and daily unified inbox clear and response.
  • Monthly Submission of two local/regional companies who are the best in their class who could use some modern online marketing. Think best non-national chain burrito in Boston etc.


  • Assistant Marketers expected to deliver one pitch worthy idea per major client on the second tuesday of every month. (They can be as simple as a personalized video message of Happy Birthday to each of the twelve biggest social media influencers in the company’s network for the next 12 weeks.) With execution details and pitch ideas for the client.
  • Write a marketing related blog post, under your name, on the blog on the first and third Tuesday of each month.
  • Creative Ideas are the Currency a marketer uses to land clients and get returns for them. It takes time to hone the skill which allows you to: Create a executable idea within a budget, fit it to someone else’s business, and get them to see along the same lines as you. This position allows you to work on those skills by actually working on a real client who will say yes or no, then seeing if the campaign was a success.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please fill out the form below.