Do You Stand Out from the Noise of Social Media?

Crafting your social media campaigns to stand out, like this orange I saw on the beach, is critical to success. There is simply to much being thrown at people to do what the guy nest to you is doing and expect results. Here are some tips…

What not to do:

1)   Repeat the same message three times a day, all week long.

2)   Use text only messages all the time.

3)   Only distribute information about what you are selling.

4)   Become a robot without traces of personality.

What you should be doing:

1)   Have fun and express your enthusiasm for what you have going on.

2)   Share the current moment with pictures and video, and remember to respond in the moment too.

3)   Cultivate your following with shared information about the market you are in.  It doesn’t only have to be about you.

4)   Share your success and your failures; it makes you come across as humble and human.

Remember that the people your messages reach are interested mostly for entertainment and to learn something, this is not a TV commercial interrupting their entertainment. You are not programming them, you are sharing with them interesting tidbits of information, and giving them reasons it may be of use to them to visit you.

It is ok to remind people what you are doing, and repeat topics for new followers and friends, but it is important that those messages are not the main course just the specks in the vanilla ice cream.

These are the types of things that I do with my company GuestFeed when we market restaurants, and work on their web presence. If you have any questions please ask, I love to interact. You can find me on Twitter @Spirocks