Food Network On Demand Fail

How a great opportunity is wasted by lazy execution.

Chopped Champions, a show of the Chefs who are ‘Chopped winners’ from previous episodes competing for bigger prizes is kind of addicting. At least to me and my wife. We watch it on demand via Comcast (Our Mayor doesn’t let Verizon Compete in Boston) and Food Network clearly drops the ball with the commercials they run, and how they run them.

Before, during, and after each episode there are numerous commercial breaks, and they play a grand total of 2 different commercials. The first is for Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri dropping his classic lines and seeing how far he can stretch a mozzarella stick (seriously). They play that one about 4 times an episodes. The other one is for Cupcake Wars, which features unknown hosts and contestants spurting out lines like: “It’s a war… a cupcake war” they play that one the other four commercial breaks. It is painful to watch and so repetitive it comes across as lazy.

By the time you watch a few episodes of Chopped Champions, you never want to see DDD or Cupcake Wars… how is this helping?