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Being known as the Expert in your market is your best tool for building your business, but first you must demonstrate it.

I see the results everyday, with each realtor I work with, we strive to build their brand online. To do it we strip down the commonplace practices that bog them down, and put in place new ones that build a respected brand around their names, drive attention and then listings to them, and earn them high ranking on search engines for people searching for the services they offer.

This is your career, and your expertise is your product, you must be the brand you are selling. We set out to do that from day one.

Let me show you how I would re-align your online marketing, give me your email and website and I will do my research before I contact you.

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Right now you may have a site from a Real Estate Website provider, they plug in your info, your agent code, run your credit card, and send you on your way. You will hear from them once a year to pay the dues, and when you browse your competitors many of them have the same site.

Meanwhile you know that the customers barely visit it, instead they get a better experience at the big sites like trulia and zip realty… the fact is you don’t even share links from your site on Facebook or Twitter because it full of information that isn’t unique or compelling. You don’t even use your site, so why should anyone else.

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What if you had a website that reflected your style, a marketing strategy that set you apart, and a way to do it that was clear and affordable? What you need from your site is for it to be your most versatile and powerful marketing tool.

A website that is easy to update with market information, pictures, videos of properties, and content of all kinds that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Question: Would being able to bring that type of content to your connections help build your standing in the consumers eyes more than your current online marketing?

I will look over what you are doing, not doing, and give you a quick report on what I would do. Free.

  • Get Free advice from someone with experience doing cutting edge realtor marketing.
  • See an actionable roadmap for creating a beneficial online presence.
  • Learn how, and for how much, it can be delivered to you.

Why would I do this? Well the way I see it three things could happen:

  1. You love my ideas and want to work with me to implement them.
  2. You love my ideas and you will get to them someday, with or without me, but hopefully with.
  3. You hate my ideas, and move on.

The facts are: I believe I can deliver more, for less, than anyone else you will consult. I work hard and smart, and I am here to help you get over that hump, and provide a service I think you will end up being thrilled to pay for. Basically… I have nothing to lose.

I am Spirocks on Twitter.




















I am Spirocks on Twitter.