Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day.
Thanksgiving for our most personal relationship.
Our mother, nourisher, protector, teacher, counselor, consoler and chief celebrator.
As my Dad used to say:
“When she says jump you say: how high? She used to wipe your ass.”
A mother is the rare combination of sacrifice and intense love all in your direction.
She gives of her body, time, and mind as much as we are willing to receive.
Our pain is her pain, our success her pride, our children her reason.
There is no children’s day, that is everyday without pause.
Mother’s Day.

Thank you to my Mother, you are my definition.
You showed me what being a mom means, and allowed me to know when I met one.
Thank you to my wife, you are the greatest gift our son could receive.
I am in awe of how deftly you walk the line of devotion and discipline.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Remember moms play multiple roles in the movie of your life, this Mother’s day.
They all played a role in who you are and the life you live.
Thank you Diane.
You raised a gem who has taken the love you embraced her with as a child and carried it on.
Thank you for un-waveringly being you.

Adrienne, mom with your own style, and nouna to Christos. We are all blessed to have your flair for originality throw us off a step and alter our perspectives.

Happy Mother’s Day.

The relationship a mother has with her children is timeless.
We yearn for that love in a way that brings us together.
Christos has the amazing opportunity to be held by his great grandmother.
It’s something I never knew, and could never take for granted.
Nonni, we love you, Happy Mother’s Day.

Each of you who raised your children and gave them all the love:
Happy Mother’s Day!