Seeking Bottlenecks and Hurdles

I seek the problems in your path, the obstacles to overcome, and encourage you to race at them.

BoulderYou run a business, there are fifty things that you could do today, fifty ways to make progress and move your business forward.

The problem is there are going to be fifty tomorrow too, and on to infinity after that if you simply operate like a kid at a whack a mole game. To truly move ahead I suggest you seek the things that truly need your greatness, your ability.

Every business has a bottle neck, a singular issue that trumps all others and until it is solved it will hold back the potential of the organization. Your organization.

You are the owner, the one responsible for the loss and the biggest beneficiary of the gains that your business can create.

Define your Success and Attack the Hurdles before you.

If you shrug them off and do not face them, nobody else will. Thats the story. The leaking faucet, and the flickering lightbulb are issues that need attention, but the fact that you are losing custoemrs at the last second because your transaction mechanism is clunky, or the process is attractive to techies but not foodies needs your attention first.

Do you know how your product will be received by those that will buy it or another in massive numbers? How will your service facilitate the transactions it was designed to deliver?

All day today I met with clients and networked with companies, I asked them what their hurdles were.

That is when the true conversations happened. If you bring me in I am going to look for your organizations problems, operationally and marketing wise. I am going to poke at those sore spots and I am going to work to make them better, until they become a strength.

My favorite type of meeting is one like I had with the crew of today, bright honest people working to see their dream become a reality. It is a great idea that they are tweaking to try and go mainstream and big-time. I agreed with so much of what they said and believed and also was able to attack some of their hurdles with ideas and suggestions that I truly think were received with open minds. Check them out if you are in a retail space that wants to do some cutting edge online marketing.

My second favorite kind of meeting is where I ask about weaknesses, hurdles, and bottlenecks and the answers I get are ‘run arounds’ all they want to focus on their vision, not what is holding it back. I live in reality sorry people, I don’t live in dreamland. I like that type of meeting because I can make them short, and I can go back to helping the clients who are ready to find solutions to their operations and marketing issues.

Who is ready? I am. Think we can work together? Let me Know here. Just want to chat? find me  @spirocks on twitter.

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One response to “Seeking Bottlenecks and Hurdles”

  1. Ralph Avatar

    This is really good advice.  Going after your setbacks is a good habit to have if someone wants to accomplish anything.