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  • Business Communications with Google Plus

    Business Communications with Google Plus

    Google Plus for Company Communications I thought I would share an example of the way that I am using Google Plus to strive for better communication with the employees of one of my restaurants. I created a circle in Google Plus and added all of the employee emails that I knew (I am hunting the […]

  • Google Plus Customer Management

    Google Plus Customer Management

    So I am embarking on a new project with my clients, to utilize the tools google has given us in Google plus to organize and market to their customers, prospective customers, and the world in general. First we are using gmail to maintain customer database, and then we are organizing these customers into circles by things they […]

  • Features Google+ beats Facebook At (part 3)

    This is part 3 to a series of posts on features that Google plus does better than Facebook. Part 1 (photos) and Part 2 (open development) can be found at these links and I hope you enjoy this series. I really wanted to write about Google “Hangouts” today, the video group chat feature that has […]

  • Features Google+ beats Facebook at (part 2)

    Features Google+ beats Facebook at (part 2)

    This is the second installment of a series of posts I am writing on the features that Google+ does better than Facebook. While I have heard from some listing things that Facebook does better, I would simply say, I am not writing about that. Google+ is a start up network that has the clear advantage […]