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  • Groupon the Restaurant Killer

    My original Groupon post was written when Groupon turned down billions from Google, and I wrote they would fail or have to adjust their deals. Fail is a strong word and the headline ‘Why Groupon Will Fail’ has served me well in getting people to read then stop and think about the fact that Groupon […]

  • Groupon Super Bowl Ad, Social Media #Fail

    I am no fan of Groupon for restaurant marketing. The company seems to be money hungry enough to look past making sure its clients can handle their offers, and in the process they are alienating some of their base. But their Super Bowl ad took it to a whole new level with its insensitivity. Watch […]

  • Why Groupon Will Fail

    When you look at your marketing options, Groupon should be the first off the list. This is a fact I will outline for you in detail. I have linked you to some of the most poignant and well written articles I could find to back my claims up, so on with it: Why Groupon will […]