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  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-11

    so u like cheese huh ?? http://t.co/oBGWnrdv (via @senna1) # Larceny Bourbon from Heaven Hill Distillery makes an appearance on our drink list our original cocktail: Maple Larceny (via @Andolinis01810) #

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-10

    Sandusky 30-60 yrs in jail. Won't admit he's a rapist. Hope he meets a fate similar to Dahmer. http://t.co/1q9dAjwC (via @melysha7) # LG Optimus Nexus photos and details surface – http://t.co/0GVTfknE # Is there anything more depressing than a dollar store? # How long until the Huffington Post disappears? # Protesters rally as Merkel voices […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-09

    looking for a good comedy to watch tonight?There's a live one on ESPN at 830… It's called Texans vs Jets # It's almost hard to believe how horrible @nbcnews is. # The danger of a negative first impression http://t.co/r5HSvE0T (via @1ad_dad) # For the first time in 20 years, a federal court will review scientific […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-08

    On Friday Jets still has 12k unsold tickets for Monday night. #nfl # Too someone with an illness, to know that people care for you is paramount to your condition. #getwellpagano # Flacco sucks, and him talking about how good he is really gets annoying. # That's interference on Cleveland. #missedcall # Pass interference is […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-07

    Part-time jobs now account for 6% of all jobs, double their share before the Great Recession. http://t.co/w2iH2Qhc (via @WSJ) # Worth the cred he gained –> Ouch. RT @jeffphowe Spikes Fined 21k. (via @RapSheet) # People who have never experienced a fall morning in #boston are missing out on something #lovely (via @EmilyMann_) # Tough […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-06

    What Makes Latest Issue of @EW special? How about an Android Device embed in it? http://t.co/NsSyJ823 (via @david_marine) # Consumer Reports recommends iPhone 5 (but says Galaxy S III is 'still king') http://t.co/myR0fReS # Fox 25 Debate: Tierney's Empty Chair – http://t.co/fBI45LgT # Habanero grape jelly and peanut butter satay sauce @SauceWings http://t.co/995WUXzM # The […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-05

    Pumpkin macarons finished with nutmeg http://t.co/9juq9Vxs (via @LESPALIER) # Just got a call, my 2013 Ford Fusion hybrid has been delivered! #ford http://t.co/fXxmyBjc # 6 Darby St -Tewksbury, MA – $229,900 – http://t.co/HbJrg4RN (via @Jborstell_RE) # Oh my gourd! http://t.co/pP2iwStq # Crunchy Veal Meatballs anyone? @ Andolini's Restaurant http://t.co/aYuh5Yq5 # The faves Daily is out! […]

  • Spirocks Tweets 2012-10-04

    I hate it when I follow someone who followed me, only to get an auto DM. I find it highly annoying. (via @melysha7) vexing # Silly in the city with @megelms http://t.co/ZjANm2uk # Wow @hp a year an a half for a $400 laserjet to die… Are you kidding me? # 10 amazing off-dry Rieslings […]