Tag: Thanksgiving

  • The Day After Thanksgiving, Crazyness.

    Search for Brussel Sprouts, Breakfast Sandwiches, the dogs found the neighbors turkey grease in the woods, and some good times with Megan. Let’s go…

  • Thanksgiving Special Edition

    We visit the Elmstrom Clan and Adrienne and Michael’s for thanksgiving. Celebrate an engagement and hear about the germ swapping theory of Lauryn. Its packed with funny stuff and a bit longer than usual. But we think its worth it. Thanks to everyone who celebrate thanksgiving with us this year.

  • Food Drive and the Macarena

    We get together some food for a Thanksgiving food drive, see the home of the macarena, witness a restaurant kitchen on a saturday night, lauryn shows us megan’s I am being videotaped face, and some dog cuteness to end it. Saturday night is in the books.