2011: What Social Will Do For You

2011 you can't run from it!

The year will soon be 2011, and whether you are ready or not Social Media will define, add to, and most certainly enhance the following: (with links to posts on each topic)

  • Your Business Reputation – People are talking about you online, whether you choose to participate or not. (A blog that builds reputation)
  • Your Customer Service –  Social media customer service is the new (800) number, customers will seek you out there to compliment, complain, and question.
  • Direct Public Relations – Social media enables you to take your message to customers directly.
  • Customer Acquisition –  Become a part of the daily conversation and see your inbound sales increase
  • Niche Expertise Status –  What’s your expertise, and how do you distribute it, how do you capitalize on it?

Isn’t it time that you took a moment, redefined your participation in, dedication to, investment in, and strategy for the Social Media Management of your company’s social media presence?

I am here to help share my experience, to learn from your experiences, and to discuss with you as you go. What’s the hurdle you are facing? I speak everyday with restaurant and retail owners about these issues, helping them with ideas and strategies as clients of GuestFeed and as readers of my writing. I love to connect.






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