Do Epic Shit

Attention Currency

With The Boom of Connectivity Remember:

Humans Have Limits

I love hearing about the boom of internet communication platforms, and how they have created a million new ways to connect to people. Ways that a decade ago were non-existent. Its cool to hear about the evolution at the big guys we all know and the little known players that are bidding to be the conduit that takes Facebook and Twitter’s mojo in the coming years. Its my thing to see how the human element is twisted around each new technology to deliver the marketing success being sought. The bottom line is, understanding how people get turned on is still the key to success.

It Is Simple:

Do Epic Shit

THINK: If You Were the Target of the Campaign Would you?:

  1. Think it was cool enough to tell a handful of your friends at separate times
  2. Think about how or why the business was making such a crazy offer
  3. Be compelled to CHECK IT OUT













If so there is a good chance that in its own way, the offer is epic. It takes balls to stand out of line and call real attention to yourself or your business, to offer something that seems too good to be true, to fly in the face of what has been done.

In your business and in your marketing, stand out from the crowd and make people talk. Forget what you need out of a marketing effort and think about what you would do if you were exposed to your campaign.



Because with all the tweets, status updates, blog posts, emails, text messages, etc that people are bombarded with today you have to compete for their attention. You want people to SPEND their attention currency on you, they only have so much and have to choose what to spend it on. It is natural selection of 2011+, if you offer dim witted content, boring ideas, lame conformist offers, you will be rewarded with a slow fade into the background noise unworthy of spending attention currency on.

Make a choice to do epic shit, cause a stir, and send some god damn ripples out.

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