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  • Restaurant Technology Trends for 2023

    Restaurant Technology Trends for 2023

    The last few years have been a rollercoaster for restaurants, with closures, supply chain issues, labor shortages, technology advances, and inflation posing unprecedented challenges. What could the coming year possibly bring? I’m predicting six things to expect in 2023: Our Choices: As the restaurant industry evolves, these changes will shape the future of the industry […]

  • Restaurant Mobile Ordering Technology

    As national chains and billion dollar valuation delivery operations drive revenue to their locations / partners where do today’s independent and small group restaurants turn to maintain their share of the market? There are thousands of stand alone app creators, and now restaurants are dealing with clusters of tablets and reconciling sales totals and reimbursements […]

  • Restaurant Tech Upgrades For Right Now

    Restaurant Tech Upgrades For Right Now

    As the year comes to an end upgrade your restaurants’ tech with these easy to install products for a more efficient, more appealing, and more secure 2015. Restaurants Lighting, with its long hours of all bulbs burning electricity is a major expense. Upgrade to LED bulbs today and start saving up to 80% of the […]

  • Tech Tip: Disconnect iMessage

    Tech Tip: Disconnect iMessage

    If you are like me, and you got tired of paying more to have a phone whose screen breaks, battery dies, and is trailing in the new technologies and sharing capabilities… you may have left or are thinking about leaving the iPhone world. Shudder not, though we are attached to our phone of choice, we […]

  • The Social Feed and Employees

      How does your social feed embrace your employees? Does it at all? These are the questions you should ask yourself. Are you tagging employees in pictures of the product of their labors, are you recognizing the fact that many hands are involved in creating what your business accomplishes? Do you thank, mention, and acknowledge […]

  • Tip: Consistently Communicate with Customers

    Marketing a restaurant is a game of consistency, you can’t post/email thirty two things in the next 15 minutes and then take two months off. You know that. Yet it is still likely the case that you find yourself with gaps in your communications, lapses in the connection with your customers that helps drive business […]

  • Don’t just rent your friends from Facebook

    Don’t just rent your friends from Facebook

    Too many business owners have an online strategy which relies on garnering as many likes as possible for their Facebook page. This is wrought with peril and here is why: At any time, and they do it often, Facebook alters how you connect with these people to further their goals. Which all revolve around making […]

  • Dominate Instagram Marketing: How to Increase Your Brand’s Local Audience

    Dominate Instagram Marketing: How to Increase Your Brand’s Local Audience

    Instagram has held the distinction as the fastest growing social media network for over a year now. For brands like yours, it puts the ability to get close to your targeted local audience in the palm of your hand. This requires a healthy dose of inspiration be it artsy, humorous, insightful etc… it also requires […]