Restaurant Technology Trends for 2023

Restaurant Technology

The last few years have been a rollercoaster for restaurants, with closures, supply chain issues, labor shortages, technology advances, and inflation posing unprecedented challenges. What could the coming year possibly bring? I’m predicting six things to expect in 2023:

  1. Labor pressure is easing, but operators are still looking for labor management solutions. The labor crunch has been hard to bear, but the situation is improving. Operators who don’t already have a system in place will need to prioritize finding one to control costs ASAP.
  2. Incentivizing in-house delivery and in-app purchases will be key. Operators will need to provide incentives to encourage customers to order directly from their websites or apps.
  3. P&Ls will adjust to added technology fees as the need for new or unified technology grows.
  4. More restaurants will embrace cloud-based solutions as they offer more features to simplify amplify operations effectiveness.
  5. Restaurant owners will continue to look for ways to optimize costs and increase efficiency.
  6. Guest experience will be more crucial than ever in the face of a likely recession.

Our Choices:

As the restaurant industry evolves, these changes will shape the future of the industry and the success of its participants.