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  • Tip: Consistently Communicate with Customers

    Marketing a restaurant is a game of consistency, you can’t post/email thirty two things in the next 15 minutes and then take two months off. You know that. Yet it is still likely the case that you find yourself with gaps in your communications, lapses in the connection with your customers that helps drive business […]

  • Don’t just rent your friends from Facebook

    Don’t just rent your friends from Facebook

    Too many business owners have an online strategy which relies on garnering as many likes as possible for their Facebook page. This is wrought with peril and here is why: At any time, and they do it often, Facebook alters how you connect with these people to further their goals. Which all revolve around making […]

  • Writing a Professional Realtor Bio

    A Realtor needs to maintain an online bio in several places, here are five tips to help you execute one that works for you, not against you. 1. Its an old journalism saying: Show, don’t Tell. Explaining what you have done is better than telling them what your title is. You will see a lot […]

  • Instagram for Restaurant Marketing

    Instagram for Restaurant Marketing

    So you know instagram, land of self centered duck faced ‘selfies’ and look where I am rub in your face pics from your connections. But you know what it works great for? Food. Its simple really, when people see food they want to eat it, and when they see a restaurant consistently post food pics […]

  • Your Facebook Page Sucks, Here is What to Do about it.

    Your Facebook Page Sucks, Here is What to Do about it.

    Great, you have a Facebook page. Guess what, so does everyone else. You don’t have many people that have ‘liked it’, so your messages are seen by a very few people. It is disheartening, frustrating, and makes you question whether or not it is worth the little time you spend on it. You Are Not […]

  • Why Facebook Complaints Miss the Point

    Why Facebook Complaints Miss the Point

    By now you have heard of the Facebook changes coming, and seen the already implemented ones. If you have logged into Facebook today you have seen the complaints starting, and believe me they are just starting. Here is why complaining is pointless, and you either need to decide to ride the changes and find the […]

  • What was the most important Facebook News?

    What was the most important Facebook News?

     Prize! Facebook shared some pretty incredible new developments to their platform today, what will have the most impact in your opinion? Share in the comments below, with mine. The best selling ‘Now’ by Jay Bar goes to the most insightful.

  • Facebook News Feed Changes

    Facebook News Feed Changes

    Interpret them to Market your Business Better. Whether you are marketing a small business like a restaurant or a professional practice like a realtor you are likely heavily invested at least time wise in Facebook. So you need to stay on top of the developments as things are always changing there, but don’t worry, that’s what I […]