Facebook News Feed Changes

Interpret them to Market your Business Better.

Whether you are marketing a small business like a restaurant or a professional practice like a realtor you are likely heavily invested at least time wise in Facebook. So you need to stay on top of the developments as things are always changing there, but don’t worry, that’s what I am here for.


The changes to Facebook’s News feed:

Basically there are two major changes that have gone live starting Tuesday night that will impact your marketing efforts as they go live for everyone over the next few days.

1) Facebook will sort your News Feed in an attempt to make sure you see all the important news that happened since the last time you logged in, in their words: “News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper,” Facebook says in a blog post. So for you that means one thing: Make sure your posts are deemed important by Facebook, and the way you do that is by engagement this update really just builds on what they were already doing. It is in fact another step in what is a long line of Facebook Changes that we have followed and adjusted to.

  •  You create engagement by sharing great information, asking good questions, and creating a conversation when people respond. Do it all in the comments of the post, and it will become must see news for your friends and those that like your page.
  • You create engagement by posting enough to remain top of mind but not too much to dilute your posts and create fatigue among those that may see them. For a long time the marketing company I own, GuestFeed, has used a ratio we created called the EFT ratio to manage how much to post and where. We do this to maximize the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, and you should too.
  • You create engagement by creating real relationships with your connections online, tagging those real relationships in posts and using the champions of your business to help you with the heavy lifting. A factor in social proof that can help lift the visibility of your business.
2) Facebook is giving more prominence to photos in the feed, increase both the frequency with which they are visible in your feed and their size. I have long thought that Facebook did a poor job with photos, and this seems like an attempt to improve the experience. Photos are incredible engaging and people love to look at them, they way you present them has a lot to do with how your business will be viewed.
  • Make sure you share great looking photos, well lit, and without distracting things in the background. You don’t see catalogs with horrible photos, so why should your business share them either?
  • Consider a professional photographer, and find out what it would cost to get some go to pro photos to share.
  • Get better at taking them, and make sure you value their impact on your business.

This is the beginning of Facebook’s Latest Changes

There are more coming soon, so if you like getting updates like this subscribe to them in the upper right, I would love to add you to my group of business owners and marketers. We have great conversations here.