Cut the Fat. Refresh. Bring the Noise.

Do you look around your business, office, organization and see people’s habits that are slowing your progress or jeopardizing the future existence of your business?  Is there a growing feeling that you need to adjust the way you do things to get to where you should be? Does it feel like you have more things to change than you can do alone and you just wish there was someone there to help you? Well I have good news for you. There is only one thing that needs to change.


You are the definitive driving force of what happens around you. It is you that needs to change the way you think, your commitment level, and realize that it is not you that needs help it is those who get in your way. Go with your gut, make the changes that you believe in your heart are for the best of your organization. Change your product, roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work that your employees should be doing, say hi to every customer, get out of your office. I mean it, send some waves and do it today. You may need to get your own finger on the pulse of your business and that starts in the trenches.

There will be those that see and adjust, who step up their game. There will be those that resist change and will need to be persuaded. There will be those that refuse and undermine, that you will need to let go. It is no longer a matter of if you should be doing these things it is a matter of why not. Unless you want to bleed to death.


Change the mediums you advertise in, change your message, change your offer. Break the habits that got you by while also keeping you where you are. Drive the stake in the heart of all that is comfortable, because it is what is imprisoning you today. Take a leap of faith. Keep your eyes open. Adjust.

Bring the Noise

Make sure your message is clear and concise. You are taking the initiative to drive the business in a positive direction. You will not take no for an answer. It starts today.







One response to “Cut the Fat. Refresh. Bring the Noise.”

  1. Dillon Vought Avatar

    Those who resist change are the ones destined to fail from it.