Explain the story behind why you do what you do.

The premise of this idea is that people are motivated more by the WHY in what you do than the WHAT, and for that reason it is important to tell your story as you explain the business.

Whether you are the third generation Baker who is carrying on the traditional recipes of your  grandfather’s Italian village, or the founder of a shoe company that donates one pair for each sold, your story is a powerful motivator to get customers to try your product.

Many of us get seduced by the technical stats of our products, or the value of our pricing strategy. More GB, twice the loads of laundry per bottle, 30 more cubic feet of storage than average in its class… We here them all the time. Those are valid points but they don’t elicit the same desire as a story about why we make our products.

The organic all natural cafe that sources all its healthy ingredients with care, garners a following with its story of wanting to support organic farmers and producers while serving its community healthy food. They don’t trumpet the number of ounces in their chicken and hummus wrap.


So share your story and the WHY in what you do. It’s that passion that ignites customers desire to try the WHAT you do.