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  • How the NFL Playoffs Impact Restaurants

    How the NFL Playoffs Impact Restaurants

    With the NFL Playoffs upon us, it’s important for restaurant owners to understand how the demand for catering, reservations, and the influx of customers can directly affect their business. The volume of reservations at restaurants across the US typically see a spike during the NFL playoffs, especially when a local team is in contention. This […]

  • 8 Key to Great Business Leadership

    Several characteristics can make a person a successful leader in business: Vision: A leader should have a clear vision of where they want to take the organization and be able to communicate that vision effectively to others. Strategic thinking: A leader should be able to analyze the market, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the […]

  • It’s About People

    It’s About People

    In a stellar restaurant the separation from good to great is primarily created through the ability to cultivate a team of intellectually invested people who have a common goal. A goal to provide hospitality in a way that delights their guests. This goal applies to all hospitality businesses, it can apply to a small mom […]

  • The First Question We Should Ask When Starting a New Business.

    WHY? The basis for asking WHY we are doing what we are doing is to avoid a deep-rooted flaw in the way we build, brand, and market our new business. That flaw could lead to a division between what our customers, employees and community stakeholders truly care about and what he business stands for.  Answering […]

  • The Apple Swan Song Begins, is Tim Cooked?

    Guess what is happening, a slow awakening in the masses that Apple’s aura outshines its value and competency. Sometimes those that appear invincible start to believe the same and they neglect those that gave them their might. They make dumbed down versions of what was once the undisputed champ, they play to the masses with […]

  • Explain the story behind why you do what you do.

    Explain the story behind why you do what you do.

    The premise of this idea is that people are motivated more by the WHY in what you do than the WHAT, and for that reason it is important to tell your story as you explain the business. Whether you are the third generation Baker who is carrying on the traditional recipes of your  grandfather’s Italian […]

  • Dear Chefs and Bartenders – part 2

    “I’d rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve.”—Xavier Cugat, born 01-01-1900 There is a point in time when creating something that people want, in an extremely well done way trumps doing something you want to do regardless of whether it is wanted. That point in time is when […]

  • Dear Chefs and Bartenders

    John Tesar has a few words for you: Delicious is more important than creative because everything’s been done before. You’re not going to reinvent the wheel. At this point, after the post molecular era and the compositionist era, where basically commercial artists have gone into the food business because its more lucrative for them financially. […]