selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass

How the NFL Playoffs Impact Restaurants

selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass
With the NFL Playoffs upon us, it’s important for restaurant owners to understand how the demand for catering, reservations, and the influx of customers can directly affect their business.

The volume of reservations at restaurants across the US typically see a spike during the NFL playoffs, especially when a local team is in contention. This means restaurants should plan accordingly and make sure they are properly staffed and have adequate supplies and food on hand.

In addition to the spike in reservations, restaurant owners should also stay prepared for what customers will be expecting. Popular dishes for NFL playoffs include classic comfort food, fried favorites, and all the usual suspects such as buffalo wings, pizza and burgers. Catering can be a huge revenue source for gametime. 

Here are a few tips on turning catering orders into opportunities to maximize revenue:

🍗 Tailor a special menu that plays to the crowd. Having a game-day themed menu helps capture attention and adds a specialized touch.

💰 Offer party packages for large orders. This encourages customers to buy in bulk, increasing both your revenue and order volume.

🌐 Utilize online delivery services. These facilitate order and delivery, making the process easy and flexible.

🥣 Items like buffalo wings, pizza, burgers, chili, jambalaya, and salads are great options, as they require less maintenance and travel well.

💬 Reach out to customers in different ways. This can include emailing customers, hosting giveaways like catering gift cards or featured dishes on social media, or offering loyalty rewards.

Make sure to implement the right strategies to boost your catering business this NFL Playoff season and win customers’ business!

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