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  • How to Take Great Food Photos

    How to Take Great Food Photos

    Keep color and contrast in mind when cooking or staging. Chefs should seek opportunities to use color contrast in dishes, knowing that the more colorful the dish, the better it will look in a photo.

  • Text Marketing for Restaurants – Best Practices

    Text Marketing for Restaurants – Best Practices

    SMS marketing for restaurants isn’t any different than in other industries: most benefits still apply. Generally speaking, SMS is an incredibly popular and effective channel – it’s widely read, opened, and replied to or clicked through, and highly engaging. For instance, customers are 4.5 times more likely to respond to an SMS message than an […]

  • A Guide to Building a Sunday Dinner Program

    A Guide to Building a Sunday Dinner Program

    Sunday dinner at your restaurant can bring in extra weekend revenue and ensure your regulars keep coming back. So, how do you create the perfect Sunday dinner experience? Let’s get started with a few tips: ➡️ Create a unique menu: Your Sunday dinner menu needs to offer choices that make customers keep coming back. You […]

  • How the NFL Playoffs Impact Restaurants

    How the NFL Playoffs Impact Restaurants

    With the NFL Playoffs upon us, it’s important for restaurant owners to understand how the demand for catering, reservations, and the influx of customers can directly affect their business. The volume of reservations at restaurants across the US typically see a spike during the NFL playoffs, especially when a local team is in contention. This […]

  • Restaurant Marketing Tools to Out-Perform in 2023

    Restaurant Marketing Tools to Out-Perform in 2023

    According to Statista, in 2021, it was estimated that there were 32,027 full-service restaurant franchise establishments in the United States. This doesn’t include the many quick-service establishments, which are also sure to see a rise in numbers in the coming years. With so many restaurants competing for customers, it’s essential to have a solid marketing […]

  • Getting Creative in the Age of Delivery

    The age of delivery arrived during COVID and it is entirely upon us today. This trend has cost restaurants a lot of their profit margin. So as more and more people rely on third-party delivery services for takeout, how can restaurants stay creative to stay profitable or in business at all? 🖼Create special delivery packs. […]

  • The Social Feed and Employees

      How does your social feed embrace your employees? Does it at all? These are the questions you should ask yourself. Are you tagging employees in pictures of the product of their labors, are you recognizing the fact that many hands are involved in creating what your business accomplishes? Do you thank, mention, and acknowledge […]

  • Tip: Consistently Communicate with Customers

    Marketing a restaurant is a game of consistency, you can’t post/email thirty two things in the next 15 minutes and then take two months off. You know that. Yet it is still likely the case that you find yourself with gaps in your communications, lapses in the connection with your customers that helps drive business […]