group of people eating together

A Guide to Building a Sunday Dinner Program

group of people eating together

Sunday dinner at your restaurant can bring in extra weekend revenue and ensure your regulars keep coming back. So, how do you create the perfect Sunday dinner experience?

Let’s get started with a few tips:

➡️ Create a unique menu: Your Sunday dinner menu needs to offer choices that make customers keep coming back. You should focus on classic comfort foods with a modern spin or classic dishes from around the world. Think about menus that will attract multi-generation families as Sunday is frequently a family day.

➡️ Set an attractive ambiance: Warm lighting, high tables, and comfortable seating help create a cozy atmosphere ideal for Sunday dinner.

➡️ Offer attractive service: Unleash your customer service teams’ creativity – provide excellent service with a friendly, personal touch. What can you do differently within your concept on Sundays? A special Sunday-only touch will distinguish the service and make those who join you appreciate the Sunday effort.

➡️ Develop an attractive marketing strategy: Promote your Sunday dinner program on social media and websites. Utilize word-of-mouth and reviews to engage with your customers. Invite VIPs and regular guests to get the new service style started.

➡️ Pay attention to customer feedback: Guests’ feedback should always be considered when creating your Sunday dinner menu. Ask guests what would make Sunday dinner at your restaurant attractive.

➡️ Keep your price point attractive: Make your Sunday dinner affordable and appealing. A great price point can help you attract more guests and increase revenue. Larger family parties will be more likely to attend if they have an affordable way to do so.

➡️ Keep up with trends: Research trending topics and flavors to keep your Sunday dinner program fresh and appealing. Incorporate seasonal adjustments, make special menus for Holidays and try to include viral recipes ( in special one-off menus.

For more inspiration, check out a few ideas for successful Sunday dinner programs:

• An Italian restaurant with special Sunday hand-made pasta dishes and affordable wine bottles from a rotating Italian region.

• A Spanish restaurant offering a Sunday family-style paella and sangria pitcher dinner party.

• A Tavern serving hearty Prime Rib and potatoes anna on Sunday night only.

Now that you have a better idea of what could make a successful Sunday dinner program, it’s time to plan your menu! Get creative, and don’t forget to monitor customer feedback for guidance.

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