Getting Creative in the Age of Delivery

The age of delivery arrived during COVID and it is entirely upon us today. This trend has cost restaurants a lot of their profit margin. So as more and more people rely on third-party delivery services for takeout, how can restaurants stay creative to stay profitable or in business at all?

🖼Create special delivery packs.

Think of ways to package up your dishes and include smaller items with them, such as inventive small side dishes, housemade drinks, or special appetizers, that help give your food creation and combination more value.

🛵Focus on in-house delivery.

If you own your services, you can control the delivery quality, times, and prices. This can help you better serve your customer and even add other items that suit the occasion of delivery.

📱Use digital marketing.

Be sure to use social media, text, and push notifications to your user base to ensure they stay up to date on special delivery offers you have. This can help direct them to in house delivery, bring them back multiple times, or introduce your delivery to guests who traditionally dine in the restaurant.

Remember, you’re not just selling a meal delivered to someone’s door. You’re delivering an experience. Get creative, and don’t just focus on the meal alone. Add extra value, such as vouchers, bonus points, or use unique promotions to spread the word.

Delivery has been a rising trend. You can use it to your advantage by providing creative and unique solutions, engaging the customer and giving them a reason to keep returning and referring their friends.

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