The Apple Swan Song Begins, is Tim Cooked?

Guess what is happening, a slow awakening in the masses that Apple’s aura outshines its value and competency.

tim cooked

Sometimes those that appear invincible start to believe the same and they neglect those that gave them their might. They make dumbed down versions of what was once the undisputed champ, they play to the masses with low end devices and leave their flagship grounded on the beach of inferiority.

This is a quaking, a cracking, the schism that demands attention and discipline to repair. Will the giant listen to the murmurs, pay attention to those who have left it for more power and innovation at a lower price or will they find an excuse and continue to tell its consumers they should accept less and pay more?

Some of us have walked away already, others will follow.

Apple, give us the storage we need, the battery that gets us through our day, the screen that doesn’t crack with such ease, and the chance again to say that you are the greatest we have known. Sell your ‘Pro’ laptops with the best processor available, usb C charging ports. Build your software not only for novices but for those that truly want to be the pinnacle of their craft, whether photography, video, or accounting. the pendulum has swung, and in its breach you lose more of us who ‘do’ everyday in the chase of those who consume. You can not win this way, and the results have begun to show it.

For today you are following the path of blackberry and AOL, you are not delivering the best innovation nor value outside of the status that some of your customers find in your logo. Instead of leading your strategy reveals you would rather depend on your users reluctance to learn something new, to admit they don’t have the best, or to switch from defending you to saying they were wrong.

The time is now to deliver us a product that stands shoulders above the rest, or to admit you are faltering, shrinking, and dumbing down what you dance on stage to introduce.

Steve Jobs isn’t walking though that door, its up to you now.