Instagram Used for Small Business Marketing

Instagram is a powerful tool for your business, three reasons:

  1. It is simple to use for both the business and the consumer.
  2. It is visual and addictive.
  3. It is integrated with all the big players on the social media landscape.

So why isn’t every business using it?

Most likely they are unaware of how useful it can be. So today we are going to take a look at how it can be used by examining one of the best at using it. Ronnie Fieg.

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Ronnie Fieg, owner of KITH NYC, which is in Ronnie’s words:

 I tried to create a friendly and personal environment with the highest quality footwear and attire for any occasion. I want people to come into the store and leave with a dope pair of shoes, and a feeling that they are a part of something special.

Ronnie Fieg is an Instagram Luminary, Here is Why:

His use of Instagram is a three pronged success. First, his focus is clean, it is approximately 90% shoes and accessories and 10% lifestyle.  His followers know what to expect and a simple scroll through his images delivers. The second prong is the quality of his images, as a designer that is to be expected, but the originality of his images reflect his devotion to the shoe culture that he is an ambassador of and the urban backdrops and features of his images resonates with his audience and lends veracity to his visual messages that are lost on so many corporate accounts. Thirdly he isn’t hyping shit, his products are exclusive, original, unique pieces that he has hand picked or created. That prong may sound the most daunting to learn from, and it should, marketing can not solve any issue that a shitty product creates. What your business needs to find is the message that is unique to itself. What makes you better, brighter, more effective? What do you offer that people should want even if they don’t know it yet?

Ronnie Fieg knows that answer.

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His followers, which number north of 39,000 as of today, are living proof that there is an audience for marketing on Instagram. It isn’t in your face deals and promos that I am talking about, it is eye catching imagery, unique subject matter, and the use of the system to let it it be known that his shop has something you might want. Today, for a limited time. Find him on Instagram at RonnieFieg.

As for you and your business. First know your value, then frame it and share it.

I am @spirocks on Instagram.