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  • Instagram Used for Small Business Marketing

    Instagram Used for Small Business Marketing

    Instagram is a powerful tool for your business, three reasons: It is simple to use for both the business and the consumer. It is visual and addictive. It is integrated with all the big players on the social media landscape. So why isn’t every business using it? Most likely they are unaware of how useful […]

  • Restaurant Marketing Cheat Sheet

    Restaurant Marketing Cheat Sheet

    Here are some quick hit tweaks to your online presence that will get you found: Info people want should be front and center: Menu – Hours – Address – Phone Number. All on mobile ready pages. Get it done. Check your info on the bigĀ referrers, Google Local, Yelp, etc I recently found one of my […]

  • Why I Decided to Close Evenfall

    Why I Decided to Close Evenfall

    It has been nearly a week since I closed Evenfall and I have been asked many times why I did. Truth is there is no way I could explain it all verbally when I see you at Sauce or around town so I figured I would write it out here. Evenfall was a passion of […]

  • Say Thank You

    Say Thank You

    One of the most powerful things you can do is to say thank you when it is appropriate. It is a tenet of the human connection to show appreciation, and receive thanks when appreciated. The most successful people I know are the most thankful, with their customers, with their employees, with their good fortune. Say […]

  • The Best iPhone Twitter App

    The Best iPhone Twitter App

    Every month millions of new people buy an iPhone and millions more join Twitter. So the obvious question gets asked: What is the best iPhone Twitter App? The Answer is TweetBot What makes it the Best iPhone Twitter App is the combination of all the features you wish you had already. Multiple Time Lines that […]