The Best iPhone Twitter App

Every month millions of new people buy an iPhone and millions more join Twitter. So the obvious question gets asked: What is the best iPhone Twitter App?

The Answer is TweetBot

What makes it the Best iPhone Twitter App is the combination of all the features you wish you had already.

  • Multiple Time Lines that you are a tap away from switching between. Use your twitter lists to divide who you follow into groups for specific instances. I have my favorites for friends and others I like to check alot, a sports list, a local news list, and a national media list for example.
  • Gestures make life easy in Tweetbot, just swipe a tweet in your timeline to the right to see a whole conversation, and to the left to see all the replies to a tweet.

  • Tap an icon to see the profile info, double tap the tweet to see the tweet detail, customize a triple tap action.
  • Multiple Twitter account support, and switching that is a tap away.
All these features and more in a slick, smooth, easy to use App that just works great. It is the best iPhone Twitter App out there, and they are continuously making it better with frequent updates. Once you get Tweetbot you will not miss any other iPhone Twitter App you have ever had.

BTW: I am not affiliated at all with them, other than using it all day

It just kills me when I see people using cumbersome, poorly designed Twitter Apps, sometimes I want to lean over to a stranger and say: “Excuse me, but you do know that Tweetbot is the Best iPhone Twitter App right?
You can find me on Twitter @Spirocks, say hi. Online home for Tweetbot is here.






2 responses to “The Best iPhone Twitter App”

  1. Donkey Avatar

    tweetbot is crap.

    1. Spirocks Avatar

      Well Donkey that is a great perspective! Thank you for your in depth analysis. 🙂