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  • Restaurant Technology Trends for 2023

    Restaurant Technology Trends for 2023

    The last few years have been a rollercoaster for restaurants, with closures, supply chain issues, labor shortages, technology advances, and inflation posing unprecedented challenges. What could the coming year possibly bring? I’m predicting six things to expect in 2023: Our Choices: As the restaurant industry evolves, these changes will shape the future of the industry…

  • What are some ways to motivate employees to work on Holidays?

    There are a few strategies that managers and organizations can use to motivate employees to work on holidays: Businesses that are open on Holidays provide vital services to the society and it’s individual members, the people who operate them should feel the importance of what they are doing for the organization and the community.

  • 8 Key to Great Business Leadership

    Several characteristics can make a person a successful leader in business: Vision: A leader should have a clear vision of where they want to take the organization and be able to communicate that vision effectively to others. Strategic thinking: A leader should be able to analyze the market, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the…

  • Handle the Holiday’s Like a Boss

    Handle the Holiday’s Like a Boss

    There are a few steps that a boss can take to handle the holidays in a way that is fair, respectful, and supportive of their team: Communicate clearly: Make sure your team knows what to expect regarding holiday schedules and expectations. This can include whether the office will be closed on certain days, whether there…

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  • Restaurant Mobile Ordering Technology

    As national chains and billion dollar valuation delivery operations drive revenue to their locations / partners where do today’s independent and small group restaurants turn to maintain their share of the market? There are thousands of stand alone app creators, and now restaurants are dealing with clusters of tablets and reconciling sales totals and reimbursements…

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