Real Estate Web Traffic Surging into 2014

Maybe you thought it was leveling off, or maybe you thought it was overrated before, but there is no hiding from the recent numbers. Traffic to real estate websites is rocketing upwards. Experian Marketing Services’ rankings of top real estate websites in January revealed that overall traffic to US Real Estate websites grew by 25% to a whopping 364.4 million. 

real estate website traffic growthNo matter how you measure it, quantify its effects, or feel about the change, it is happening. The internet is delivering the results and information that your clients want, when they want it, and at a speed they have grown accustomed to in their everyday lives. 

What is your place in the revolution? 

If you want to compete with the best, you need a strategy and a desire to shake free of yesterday’s practices and move straight forward into the new real estate order. 

Quick answer these questions: 

1) Do you have a stand alone website for a company you own or for yourself that contains unique content you and your team create? 

2) Is your website built with a responsive design

3) Can your visitors search for property easily on their mobile device with your site? 

4) Do you focus on delivering the information you are the best resource for? Your local community statistics and sales data? 

If you answered yes, congrats you graduated from Real Estate Internet 101

Now are you building a lead generating website that makes it worthwhile for visitors to opt in?

Are you pushing the envelope and allowing your personality to be part of the message?

What role are you using video in your marketing of homes but more importantly yourself?

If you want to talk about where you are today, and where you can be working towards, reach out to me. This is what I do.

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