Restaurant Marketing with a Blog: Example

As a restaurant marketer by profession, I preach about the importance of a blog to the success of the online marketing effectiveness. I help construct a plan, and direct content creation for my clients.

I also practice what I preach, here is how easy it is to build out content and the resulting search engine discovery that will lead new customers to your tables.

Restaurant marketing is about getting people who have never been to your place to come give it a try, and what better way than hearing what you the owner/manager has to say in your own words? Complete with photos of you food and drink and atmosphere. That is where a blog comes in. You don’t need to dial up your web designer every time you want to make a change, you just have to create a new post.

In the last two days I have created these which will be lasting beacons on the search landscape for customers to come across:

Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

As you can see the topics can vary and they can lead people to your site for various reasons, why not take advantage of what you have going on and build the content of your site out.

With today’s smartphones, posts like the brunch one above can actually be made on the fly as inspiration strikes. So start now.

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