Restaurants: Market to the Season

What time of year is it now?


From the picture of my garden you can tell it is very much still summer, but in this business your marketing should not be focused on just tomorrow but the next season. That means fall, and holiday party planning season.

I know you are probably like me, trying to squeeze in as many summer days as you can, and good for you. But during these waning days of summer let your marketing mind do some work on being ahead of the curve for the winter season.

Here are some things to consider:

1) Is your website ready to showcase what you can do for larger groups? Does it have conversion forms and easily accessible pricing for the various options you describe?

2) It is time to touch base with the families and companies that have hosted holiday gatherings with you in the past? Begin thinking about what you are going to say when you do, and get a draft going.

3) What can you do to encourage people to plan their party on less in demand days of the week? Special more affordable packages for those days?

4) Is your staff ready to answer the questions and give answers that convince guests to book with you?

These are some thinking points to get going even if you are still focused on the summer weather.

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