Spirocks Tweets 2012-05-27

  • I wonder if Elizabeth Warren is aiming to get a piece of the Casino Windfall in Ma? @HeyCallahan #
  • It’s 2012 wear some deodorant ladies. #
  • Wow @C21Mclennan! My house has been on 48 hours and he has personally been there 4 times. Holiday weekend… with offers coming in… sick! #
  • Don’t miss this Andover House, it’s a gem http://t.co/1sIWRE79 contact @C21Mclennan #
  • Watch this proposal now: http://t.co/nYNUdsWb #
  • Sitting next to a guy at a local bar who is talking about my business with me not knowing I own it. #priceless #
  • We may be I store for a big night from #thetruth #
  • New England holiday weekend in a 1964 Convertible. #livelife http://t.co/nGR54k5v #
  • The faves Daily is out! http://t.co/h2WvIRld ▸ Top stories today via @Trags #
  • Everytime I get into a @nba game the refs make stupid calls an aggravate me. Why are they so bad? #
  • My boy leads a stressful life. http://t.co/ou5nqvKt #
  • Check out this hot chick hitting on me ->> @spirocks what bar are you at (via @MegElms) #
  • Garnett is such a stud. #
  • Philly going to hoop more than celts, don’t like this. #
  • He is still Ray Allen. #
  • Unbelievable NBA refs suck. #
  • Rondo #
  • Rondo has been awful again tonight.. (via @NEPD_Loyko) huh? #
  • Toasting the celts in style. Nothing like a smooth 21yr old. http://t.co/ihTVDZCh #
  • Listen to @c21mclennan, declutter it works. http://t.co/mP41tviZ #
  • The Rise of Consumer Location-based Services http://t.co/Jasowb16 #
  • Massachusetts To Ban the Trashing of Commercial Food Waste http://t.co/UVJ0SlUV #
  • Note to bashers of "fried/poached egg on everything" sometimes it works. I'd say it worked 5 different times this week (via @mcslimjb) #
  • Great team name… http://t.co/Ejfcn5mU #