Spirocks Tweets 2012-05-31

  • Connections make the successful. #
  • "We always react in the same way when ignorance, lack of knowledge, bad intentions lead to such a distortion of histor… http://t.co/BlHzqJK1 #
  • There is a pink food truck in CA that serves all of its sandwiches on glazed doughnut buns: http://t.co/2beM1hy6 Yup. (via @bonappetit) #
  • Worked all day @saucewings TVs hung, drinks are stocked, take out menus made… #gettingclose #
  • Ladies: when a guy says whatever you want three times, he means: Just Do It. #
  • The rest of the world hates American intervention, but they can sit back and watch thousands get killed in Syria. What to do? @robert_nolan #
  • The faves Daily is out! http://t.co/h2WvIRld ▸ Top stories today via @fionamacd @NazgulKemelbek @BrooksGroupPR #
  • I like fruit. http://t.co/YH7ySmPv #
  • Here comes the bad calls. #
  • Lebron James is a Cherry Picker. #
  • Who has the feeling that there will be some cheese all Lebron buckets and a few questionable calls to end this half? #
  • Free points for the Heat at 1:58 courtesy of the refs. #
  • #NBA your refs suck. #
  • Seriously can they not let the Heat score a bucket on their own. #
  • Wow #nba your refs suck. #
  • Needed that three from Ray. Damn. #
  • No field goals for MIA in 3:45 thank god for the foul calls!!!! #
  • NBA 2012 playoff record 20 free throw attempts for Lebron. #lame #
  • Brilliant call by doc #
  • Two fouls on wade and Lebron combined… hilarious. #
  • Wide open Ray Allen. Sick. #
  • Think they will get to the line with 34.5 left? #
  • Jordan would have it that. @gematos33 #
  • NBA Refs… let’s start OT by giving Lebron two more free throws #
  • NBA piss poor. Smacked unheard at one end, no call, dunk at other in OT. #
  • The NBA is the fourth best league in the US and that distance between them and the NHL is getting bigger. Horrible authenticity. #
  • ratings are made by morons, the quality of the league is by far the worst @spirocks ratings indicates its second (via @rayraydtp) #
  • RT @AndyGlockner: Wow, David Stern's team won the lottery? How about that. #
  • Some teens aren't liking Facebook as much as older users http://t.co/uKfwzkG8 #
  • After telling us what to drink, can the government please tell us how often it is legal to inhale? (via @zerohedge) #