Spirocks Tweets 2012-09-18

  • RT @joegiza: I'm willing to give as much as 3 dollars to anyone who can tell me what it really going on with Welker #Patriots #
  • There is something different in the way you smile. #
  • I'm standing here until you make me move. I'm hanging by a moment here with you. There is nothing else. @MegElms #
  • Here Comes the Big Manufacturing Slowdown – Businessweek http://t.co/e3rbMHde #
  • RT @mikemeltser: Has anyone defending the Bucs ever gone on the record and ripped a team for not doing more on kneeldown plays? #
  • RT @7news: MA public health commissioner resigned over state crime lab shutdown. Get the latest on #7News http://t.co/yLeRSvEI#
  • When it's late at night, you can look inside, you won't feel so alone. #
  • Google buys Snapseed developer Nik Software, raises the eyebrows of Instagram shutterbugs — Engadget http://t.co/6mTzDtfO #
  • What I really want to know, my baby, oh what I really want to say I can't define… well it's love that I need. #
  • Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm, change the weather… still together when it ends. #
  • Like the picture in my recent blog post @megelms? http://t.co/jmdZH8lf #
  • "Fusing your online and offline business communications is Essential to maximizing the results of your marketing." http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • NFL gave Jonathan Vilma a sworn affidavit from former Saints DC Gregg Williams that the New Orleans LB offered $10,000… http://t.co/fPdffqIV #
  • Burgers are blazing as the sun sets tonight. Code: burgermonday @ Sauce Wings http://t.co/a7mQeo73 #
  • Images are some of the powerful tools in marketing and they should work together stylistically where-ever you use them. http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • Your brand makes an offer to your customers every time there is an interaction http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • The faves Daily is out! http://t.co/h2WvIRld ▸ Top stories today via @lisachidichimo @ThatMadonnaGirl @Toby_Metcalf #
  • "Do your offers transcend these boundaries too?" http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • "Lets focus on the overall message style more in our marketing strategy" http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • The Strega waterfront 'I had a dream commercial' is a riot. #impersonationgold #
  • This NFL ref situation is horrendous, you make billions a year fix it. Wake the fuck up. #
  • "Takeaway from this a renewed effort to bridge mediums, and self evaluate the way you communicate today." http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • And the rest of the country gets a #takeiteasy on the broncos being Super Bowl contenders. #
  • "The medium should not dictate the message, it may adapt it, but the medium always transmits the message." http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #
  • "What ways do you integrate offline and online marketing?" http://t.co/tXVvhnN8 #