Spirocks Tweets 2012-09-28

  • The @twitter iOS6 App crash issue is driving me crazy. How can you expect me to give up @tweetbot? #
  • Plant more Pigs. @zerohedge #
  • RIP Dr. John Silber, retired Boston University President. Thank you sir, for your service. #BU (via @petershankman) #
  • Google Maps will return to iPhone when Apple is ready, says Schmidt (+video) http://t.co/eUtwom37 #
  • Apple stock spanked for low iPhone 5 sales – CBS News http://t.co/Rh3XVHHv #
  • The faves Daily is out! http://t.co/h2WvIRld ▸ Top stories today via @AlGetler @Selkoe #
  • If you haven't tried them, consider it. @ Andolini's Restaurant http://t.co/OoziNQdX #
  • Horrible pick Flacco, thanks! #
  • Great thing about Thurs game: get replacement ref jokes out of your system tonight, Sunday back to normal. #
  • Cue the blowout siren. #
  • CEO Tim Cook apologizes for “falling short” on Apple Maps http://t.co/2tkheHV5 #
  • Panama's new copyright law is the worst in the history of the universe http://t.co/GqyhkLPD #