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Why your competitors are beating you online.

What do today’s most successful companies do better than you do when it comes to marketing online? They are open, honest, transparent, accessible, upfront, and forthcoming with details and pricing. Here is why that matters, and some quick ways to tell how far behind you are.

mirrored storefront
Your Storefront

Today, your web presence is increasingly becoming the storefront each potential customer sees even prior to seeing your actual place of business. (If you have one of those) That is why it is important to be open and clear about what you do, what you offer, how much it costs, and how you will deliver it. Today’s consumers are less invested in where they get things, and it is as easy as a click of the mouse to ‘go’ to another store/restaurant/service provider. If you hide behind paragraphs of fluff, seemingly trying to feel out your customer for how much you can charge. It is unlikely you will get very many. Like the storefront above, you will get passed by with no or little time spent learning what you do.

transparent storefront
Welcome, look around, see what we are about.

Your more successful competitors are transparent, open to the world, ready to be picked up, touched, and understood. Think about it, if you are not, are you really offering a good deal? One that thousands of people would like? If the answer is no, you need to go back to the drawing board and come up with such a product and price. If the answer is yes, you need to pull up the shades, prop the door open, and make sure people see that right away. If you are not sure, I propose a very simple solution… do exactly the same thing as if the answer was yes. That’s the best part, people vote with their dollars, you will know if you are good enough, priced competitively enough, and offering something people want enough, if you are open and forthcoming with the details.

That is step one.

Still not ready to consider my ideas?

That’s ok, I don’t bruise easily… here are some quick questions to answer, to see if I am right or not. Can your customers find your face on your website? Can they find your address, and a phone number that leads to you or another employee at your company? Are options and prices laid out for customers (can they see what they get for how much you charge) Are there demo videos?

When we start working on a new client at GuestFeed, we always do a comparison between competitors and our client. We create websites that clearly and completely convey the details of what is being sold, and how much it costs. We create videos, photos, and blog posts that explain in detail. We distribute these pieces of content through facebook, twitter, emails, blog posts, and printed materials in physical locations. We curate this content on youtube, flickr, the blogs, etc so that customers can see what becomes a longstanding practice of openness and clarity when it comes to our clients business practices.

And Guess what… sales always go up. It just works.

In our eyes there is no other way. If you want us to take a look at your company and propose a strategy for you to become the leader in your market for openness in your marketing efforts, please feel free to call me anytime. My personal number at GuestFeed is 617-379-3015 I would love to talk to you.

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