Cote d'Or Swimwear works with Spirocks

Cote d’Or Swimwear

Cote d'Or Swimwear works with Spirocks

Please welcome Cote d’Or Swimwear to the Spirocks marketing family. It is without question that you will not find anything like this swimwear elsewhere.

Cote d’Or Swimwear, a new line of original exotic swimwear has launched it’s web boutique which is located at, the exclusive place to find and purchase Cote d’Or. Targeted at style savvy women who crave elegant swimwear designs that overstep trends and create an ambiance of beauty and creativity Cote d’Or Swimwear has set a new standard in international swimwear design.

    The collection is built around six key prints – Serpiente, Plumas, Hamaca, Amazonas, Piedras y Cadenas and Panterafeaturing vibrant shades of green, blue, orange and fuchsia which reference the collection’s inspiration in Latin America, Barbados, and Europe. These print designs are cut with elegantly hip lines, giving today’s swimwear from the Cote d’Or design team a distinctively original look.


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