Your Marketing Box -

Don’t Live in This Box

Your Marketing Box -
You are in there right now, Get Out.

Wonder why the results you are getting from the marketing you are doing currently leaves you looking for something new? It is easy and likely it is a combination of your fault and bad luck.

It takes guts to go out on a limb with your precious cash and attempt a new uncharted angle to market in your industry, it also take meeting someone who can help you make it happen.

What if you were trying to sell swimwear to little girls, and young women, and you were spending the bulk of your money on local flyers in the paper and broad based short lived TV ads during the lead up to school vacation. What if you relied on working deals for retailers to  get rack space, and cut into your margins to make that a reality. What if you were forced to grow your brand by building out expensive stand alone retail stores in malls etc.

The answer to all those What Ifs would be that you were in the box. Monkey see monkey do advertising. The trouble is that the margin is lower and the consumer sees you not as a leader but a follower. Not as a unique and value added brand but as more of the same with a different label.

Now what if you scraped that model, and went out on a limb, and partnered up with another non-competing company and made this:

You would risk failure in the pursuit of amazing success. You would create connections with little girls, and their older cousins, you would create a brand connection with the mothers who buy the suits and dream big dreams for their little girls. You would have a lasting piece of your brand identity that would continue to tell your message to each girl who saw it.

It is riskier and requires more faith, it is unconventional and demands more determination to see through, and it is also without a doubt the way that industry leaders run each aspect of their business.

Are you ready to market this way? Ask me for an idea like this for your business, and let’s make it happen.

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