Jen The Ginger

A Recommendation

In my travels through marketing, social media, and local business I have come across some like minded and genuine people. So why not share them with you, so that you might find out about some superstars out there you may have missed.

Kind of strange for me to do this? I disagree, actually to me it feels like the right thing to do. Today I am hoping to bring your attention for a moment to a social media manager from Boston. She goes by the name Jen the Ginger, and having dealt with her personally I fully believe in her, and her desire to help you.

Here is how she explains what she does:

I manage social media for small businesses.  What that means to me is that I’m in the business of helping folks get to know the brands I represent and make them aware that we are glad we are in their lives.  I build relationships.

My target clients are locally owned restaurants and bars and running-focused businesses and events (road races, trail races, adventure races).
If you wanted to reach her why not give her a follow or a shout out on twitter @jentheginger and make sure you tell her I said hi. Email here: jen.barker at gmail and check out her site at


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