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Instead of waiting until the day of our meeting to explain all of this to you, I made this page to give you an explanation ahead of time so that you can think about your story, get comfortable with telling it, and have a better understanding what we are doing with the profiles.

The video will be a chance for potential customer to see you speaking, to get to know you a little bit prior to having you in their home, or having you drive them around to check out homes. The best way for you to accomplish this in a 1-2 minute video is to be yourself, to tell a story from your career, and to talk a little bit about your roots or history in the towns you are selling in.

For the Video:

1) Location: I can meet you anywhere in the town that you sell in, or at your office, we will shoot at one location but it can be outside of the office. Please consider noise (A busy street, or business may make you hard to hear). If you have questions about it, shoot me a message and ask.

2) Dress: You should wear what you typically would to meet a customer, throughout this process you should make an effort to be yourself. People will love the real you the most.

3) Topic: You should be prepared to answer some of the following questions in your video profile:

  • What has led to your success in Real Estate?
  • Can you tell me a real story with specific details that illustrates that type of success?
  • What is it about (the town you sell in) that makes it a great place to live as a (new family, retiree, etc etc)?
  • Why is now a great time to do buy or sell in your market?

Before We Meet:

Please fill out the form below for the text based portion of the profile, prior to our meeting:


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