4 iPhone Apps to help you run your Restaurant

If you have an iPhone and you work or own a restaurant there are several Apps that can help you run it and promote it better.


1) Foodspotting

With their slogan: ‘The best foods and where to find them’ foodspotting tips you off as to what it is about. The Apps users highlight dishes they love and they are location based with photos and comments attached by users. Here is a quick video about the app:

What is Foodspotting? from Foodspotting on Vimeo.

You can use it to place pictures of your dishes on the map that users see, so when they are in your area and pull out the app they get to see all they delicious dishes you offer. It is quick and easy and works amazingly well.

2) WordPress

We know you are writing a blog about your restaurant right? Well since you are hopefully you are using the incredibly easy to manage, powerful, and flexible WordPress platform. If you are starting a blog today, I strongly urge you to start with wordpress, it is free and it is the best in my opinion. With the free wordpress app you can update your blog right from your iphone. It is a convenient way to make sure you are consistently posting. I have seen restaurants that have a blog just about their daily special. The blog is entirely managed from an iPhone, it is brilliant and I highly encourage you to look into it.

3) Picplz

I have talked about this app before, but it is worth another mention in case you missed it. The app uses the exceptional iPhone camera to take pictures of your food and atmosphere, then it applies filters to them which make the food look even better. I like the toy camera and the enhanced definition filters the best. It is all very easy to do, and the best part is that this single app can post your picture to your facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, posterous, and foursquare accounts. My personal favorite is the recent addition of saving directly into your dropbox.

4) Rez

This one is a bit more involved but I have been using it for a while now and find it useful. My online reservations are handled by Rez by UrbanSpoon with their desktop and iPad application that handles it all beautifully and more affordably than OpenTable. They also have an iphone app that lets you check the days reservations, open and close times, and manage perks that are seen on the UrbanSpoon site. Its a nice way to have up to the minute reservation information in your pocket. Especially when you are out of the restaurant. I strongly suggest you take reservations online and if you are looking I highly recommend Rez.

Those are the four I use the most that you may have missed.

Let me know if you know of any others you like to use that are off the beaten path, I am an android fan as well so I would love to know of apps there that make your life easier. @spirocks






5 responses to “4 iPhone Apps to help you run your Restaurant”

  1. Bill Lakin Avatar

    All good recommendations. Thanks!

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Glad you agree, let me know what you come across too.