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Must Do Facebook Marketing Tactic

There are strategies to achieve goals, and inside those strategies, there are tactics that help you accomplish them. Today lets focus on a tactic that will help you succeed in your strategy to market better on Facebook.

Clogged Facebook Stream
Don't let this Get in the Way of Marketing Success

Clean up your Facebook Stream

I have written a few times about interaction being key to marketing success on Facebook, and time is money, so don’t let the crap get in your way.

First you need to know your audience, who IS or COULD become a customer. Who are the heavy hitters that can get your information in front of more eyeballs? Work at figuring that out. Then clear your stream of all that are not in your audience. Click the little X next to posts that you don’t need to see and hide them. The offender will never know, and you won’t be sorting through crap for too much longer if you keep hiding the noise makers and start focusing on the potential money makers.

That’s a tactic. A collection of tactics makes a strategy, a well executed strategy makes a successful campaign.

Target your audience. Hide the rest.

Now If you are reluctant to do this, out of fear that you will miss something form one of those people, like your girlfriend’s aunt in Topeka, then you need to decide if you will accept less than the best results from your marketing, or if you want to spend a ton of extra time on Facebook doing both.

people you may know hottie
This hottie is sucking up your time.

If you need to get updates on your friend’s make believe farms, surf the ‘people you may know’ for some hottie to stalk and never meet, or see pictures of people who are making money go on vacation. Then by all means do not hide the crap from your stream.

If you are serious about using Facebook as the unprecedented marketing tool that it is. Turn down the noise, and focus on the audience you crave. Make the conversation happen, it is right there for the taking.

Go get it.



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