Get Facebook ‘Likes’ in Person

One of the hardest thing to do at retail stores, restaurants, networking events, or other in person venues is to get those that meet you, enjoy your business, or are fans of your restaurant to like your business’ facebook page. To get a great experience or meeting in your presence to translate to ‘liking’ your facebook page when they get home is a task very few of us would attempt. To be frank it would be awkward and unproductive to even try, I personally would have a hard time not making a crack comment to anyone that asked me to go home and do that. That’s just me… but it is still very very unlikely anyone will.

There is a better way.

What if you could suggest it to them and make it easy for them to do it from right where they were standing. No logging in required, no mobile app searching for your page, no memory, none of that. They just need to take out their phone and text two words. Done.

Don’t believe me? Let’s try it, text: Like Evenfall01835 to 32665 and you will like my social media supercharged restaurant Evenfall in Haverhill Ma, zip code 01835.

Not bad right? Here are three ways to use it:

1) Restaurants… put it on the dessert menu, people who stay for dessert have had a fabulous time they don’t want to end yet and are more likely to take advantage of this way to ‘LIKE’ you business than at any other time they are there.

2) Offer a bonus to people who are making a purchase at your retail store, something like: Send “like Mike’s Pastry” and get a free Cannoli on your next visit.

3) Put up a sign that asks people to do it, effort minimal and over time people will do it just because they saw it. Here is the one I use at Evenfall:

facebook like sign evenfall

If you want one of your own just shoot me an email with your facebook page name to spiro@guestfeed. com and I will email you back a sign like this for your page, and other ideas that I share in the future. Think this sign will work for you, tell me why it will or won’t in the comments…

I can be found @spirocks on twitter… I tweet about food (cause I love it) and emerging media marketing (cause I love it) and random daily life (cause I love it).



11 responses to “Get Facebook ‘Likes’ in Person”

  1. David Sweeney Avatar

    This is a pretty neat trick. I think between this and having a mobile-friendly website with a clear “like” button somewhere, there wouldn’t be much reason to not “like” the page, if you indeed liked the restaurant and the food. That’s the time you need to get people on board – right after the meal. I know I get really happy after a good meal in a restaurant and I want to tell the whole world about it. I don’t always think to do it when I get home.

    I already had facebook linked to my SMS and setup on my phone, how well does it work if a customer hasnt set that up yet?

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Admittedly this is aimed at people who are active facebook users, who are accustomed to the ‘like’ idea, and who are likely to have the sms functionality active. If you do not, it will not work.

      Thanks for the comments, I agree.

  2. Chris Spatzierer Avatar

    Yes, pretty nifty! I get it all except I’m failing to see the connection of “Evenfall01835” to your restaurant’s FB profile, which is “EvenfallRestaurant”. What am I missing here?

    1. David Sweeney Avatar

      It seems there are two Evenfall pages on facebook. One is a facebook business fan page (Evenfall01835) and the other is a profile page like an actual person would set up (EvenfallRestaurant). This text technique works with the “like” system so it only works for the business fan page. The profile page is done by friend requests. the “01835” is the zip code of Haverhill, MA where Evenfall is located.

      1. Chris Spatzierer Avatar

        Thanks for that David. I was looking for an exact match on “Evenfall01835”. Got the zip code part 🙂 Hope Spiro comps you something on your next visit there for answering on his behalf! Cheers.

  3. Jessica Howe Avatar

    I think is a very cool, easy, unique way! I am going to be e-mailing you 🙂

    1. Spiro Pappadopoulos Avatar

      Thanks Jessica I will get you one ASAP. -Spiro

  4. Justuno Crew Avatar

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