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Much of what we do at GuestFeed is carefully planned and executed creative Marketing ideas for our clients. They are a major part of our plan for using their internet presence to drive business to them. One part of the plan that we encourage our clients to take part in is what we call impromptu marketing, unplanned moments during the course of business that should be shared. They add a human element, and sometimes they can’t be re-created anywhere near as well.

tuna appetizer
Taken with PicPlz on my iPhone during service at Evenfall Restaurant

One of the biggest things that people need to overcome in their marketing efforts is the need to be perfect, to not share a photo unless a professional took it, to not share embarrassing moments, to be concerned with every possible interpretation of what you are sharing. So listen up:


You are selling to humans, and no matter what you do you won’t make every last one love you. But if you are real, honest, human, you will get most of them to like you, and that is the goal.

Here is how to get involved in your marketing plan, with just your iPhone.

1) Get Hootsuite on your iPhone so that you can Monitor+Send to your twitter and facebook accounts from one app. Use it when you want to share something but going to your office computer and logging into both sites is going to make you take a pass on the share.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

2) Get FourSquare on your iPhone and check in at work, letting people you know see what work activities you are up to. A new special on the menu, a new home you just listed, a new emerald clients offices. This activity spurs word of mouth and shows how much of a hard worker you are.

3) Get PicPlz on your iPhone, this camera app makes your phone photos look amazing with its simple to use filters. But where it truly shines is in sharing. PicPlz sports integration with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Dropbox, Posterous & Foursquare so that you can share the gorgeous pic you just took wherever you want all at the same time. Easy as can be.

With those three apps you can take your social media presence to another level, all from the iPhone in your pocket.

Do you do this now? Care to share your impromptu efforts here? You can find me on twitter here: @Spirocks

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