Meet GuestFeed

I would like to introduce you…

GuestFeed is a content creation and social media marketing company I started to help small business owners who want their online presence to match their offline stature in the community. GuestFeed is focused on consistency  in creating compelling content like video, photography, blog posts, vibrant email newsletters, and web design. That consistency allows for our clients to provide a compelling social media presence to their customers, both potential and realized.

This is Professional Marketing and PR

GuestFeed is run by professionals with lifetime experience in marketing, design, videography, photography, and the use of web based tools in the promotion of small businesses. With custom built applications, such as our Social Market Facebook application and our proprietary social media distribution and monitoring dashboard, GuestFeed is situated to deliver a unified online marketing package which is built on the rock solid foundation of professionally created content.

Brand Building in an Online World

With the explosive growth of social networks and internet connected devices, an intersection has developed. One where pre-purchase online research has exploded and met with the online relationships built between individuals and brands alike. It is there that purchasing decisions are being influenced in a new yet very powerful way. To thrive in this new space your business must do more than merely be present, a neglected or stale presence will do the same as a dirty uncared for storefront. This is a new responsibility for business owners, and it is also a new opportunity for the best to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Enter GuestFeed

Consistent, Professional, Affordable.  GuestFeed social media content creation, delivery, management, and monitoring for your brand. For less than the cost of a monthly ad in a direct mail publication you can have a dedicated marketing agency creating compelling content for your business. An agency that will strategically deliver that content to the customers you want, and report back the results with easy to understand analytical reports. We also have our Social Media Dashboard software that allows you to log in and see the pipeline of content as it is que-ed up for delivery, monitor your brand online, and make adjustments as you see fit.

Visit GuestFeed Online, email me, or call the Office: 1.617.379.3015 to see what we can do for you. I am on twitter too @spirocks