Mini Marketing For Your Business

What the hell is Mini Marketing?

Good question. I just made it up. No really I needed a name for the projects I am working on for my clients, that focus on local marketing, and I liked the sound of it. Here is an explanation of the mini marketing framework:

  1. Identify a Goal for your Marketing Messages, like: Build your name into a brand that is associated with excellence in your field.
  2. Then eliminate the masses and pick a specific group of people to communicate with.
  3. Craft brilliant messages, informative content, and gorgeous media that illustrates your expert status in your field as that would relate to this very specific group of people.
  4. Deliver them in ways that specifically target those people and demonstrate subtly that they have been selected, and this is not a blanket message.
  5. Direct them to landing pages on your website that will track the effectiveness and offer them the opportunity to enroll in further reports.

In this way you are defining a local group like a neighborhood, a sorority, or a corporation’s employees and focusing your messages on them. You are delivering to only them, and you are tracking how effective they are. The process is quick, and the results are a template for your business to follow. You can then repeat it even faster and with more polish, while tailoring the messages to other local groups.

What are the Benefits to Mini Marketing?

  • You reduce your exposure to failed or mediocre ideas, and can quickly adjust and try new approaches.
  • You also have a defined, local, and preferred group that you can tailor messages for, and in that way you raise the rate of success.
  • These select groups are part of a larger community that your business is in, imagine having 50 people in your local area talking about how great you are at something. Then doing it again for another group.
  • It is personal, you are not mailing something to “Resident at 207 Shwannee road” In other words your recipients know the info is made for them.
  • Your website will have specific sections built out that cater to the interests of specific local groups as they relate to your goods or services. These sections are lasting investments rather than one time ads.

That’s my mini-explanation of mini marketing for local businesses. Care to hear what I would suggest for your company? Drop me a link to your website in the comments below, on twitter @spirocks, or email me.






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    Great original ideas I can put to use!