Optimize your Restaurant’s Landing Pages


So you market your restaurant on facebook and twitter, you talk about your menu, your special event menus, your new drinks, the local oyster celebration you are taking part in… You link back to your website and sometimes your blog. You are really good at sharing new things each day, and you curate it all on your blog, facebook, youtube, and flickr. You engage your audience, your following, and you strive to make sure you are part of the conversation daily.

But your results kind of suck.

Sad face

Let’s set out to remedy that in the best way possible. When you share links on your social media sites, you are picking a particular page you want them to land on. That is your landing page. This is the first step your customer takes as they get led into your dining room.

  • What are your landing pages like? Are they well thought out or are you leading people back from social media and email marketing to the front page (index page) of your website?
  • Is it a page that lacks content specifically tailored to the conversation you are having, the campaign your are running, or the information you are sharing?
  • Are you talking about rehearsal dinners? If so you should be linking back to pages tailored to people who are looking to book one. From design and imagery to, was to contact you that should be the mission of the page you are linking to.

Take that last example for instance. People who are interested in booking a rehearsal dinner want to know the following things right off the bat:

  1. Does your restaurant have a private area that can accomodate their group?
  2. What kind of menu options are available for group dinners?
  3. How much do the rehearsal dinner options cost?
  4. What does the private area look like?
  5. Is there a room rental fee, or other fees to consider.
  6. Who do I talk to, and how do I reach them?

When I am building these types of pages for my clients I aim to make all the above happen on one page, as should you, so that the customer finds all information in a forthcoming way (not a wild goose chase manner) This transparency helps drive the customer to request more information, and in doing so completes the goal of your social marketing efforts. It is now time to close the deal.

Here is an example of the way I do it for Evenfall Restaurant, which has built an incredible private party business because of their private dining areas and the ease of booking with them via pages like this: Evenfall

Basically I created a new wordpress install just for the private party landing page, and built out more specific pages that can be used for other marketing campaigns, like say for afternoon events like baby showers. We included a slick little slideshow, to demonstrate the breadth of the types of parties that Evenfall hosts, and also that this restaurant is serious about hosting events. This page answers the questions above in a straight forward way, it has led to hundreds of requests in the past 12 months.

Hopefully this illustrates HOW SOCIAL MEDIA CAN MAKE YOU MONEY and motivates you to create landing pages that answer the questions of the people you lead to them.

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