Restaurants: Get Your Conversion On

Private Dining

With every passing month it becomes increasingly important for your restaurant website to capture the leads and convert it’s visitors into visitors of your restaurant. You simply have to grab them when they are visiting you online.

Convert website visitors into restaurant visitors: (two must do ways)

1) Online reservations right on your site. This is imperative, a must, and surely you already do this if you are reading a blog about emerging media marketing for your restaurant. The online service I use is the product from UrbanSpoon, which has an iPad ready app for reservation and customer information management to go along with its web based platform. There are plenty of others to choose from but google can do the listing for you.

2) Conversion forms for special events. So many restaurants list private dining, rehearsal dinner, or special event menus on their websites but do not have a way to collect information from those who find it right there. They list a phone number an risk the customer never calling, or calling and leaving a message, or otherwise not getting the lead. A conversion form can get you, the person who books these events, the person’s name/number/email as well as the date/head count/and other extenuating circumstances so when you contact them (right away) you are ready to let them know what you can offer them.

It is an incredible advantage over the restaurants that have notes floating around on the hostess stand or the managers desk. All this information is immediately emailed to you, and can be listed in an online spreadsheet automatically that the owner, manager, and event planner can all see.

Never miss the opportunity to book a party from your website again. Get a conversion form installed and sending you leads today.



At Guestfeed we have installed countless of these for customers, if you want one on your site and don’t have the time to do it yourself we can help. Just Ask! 



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